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Docteur Messas, spécialiste en Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthétique


Dr Raphaël MESSAS


Registered with the Council of the Gironde Order of Doctors (N ° 33 100307 9)
Member of the French Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons (SOFCEP)
Former Contract Hospital Practitioner
Former Head of Clinic

Diploma of Complementary Specialized Studies in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Diploma in Microsurgery
Diploma in facial restorative surgery
Diploma in Hand Surgery
Diploma in Flap Surgery
Master 2 in Surgical Sciences


Dr Raphaël MESSAS is a qualified specialist in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery for the face, breasts, and body contouring.

Its commitments :
– Welcome, listen, question, examine
– Identify the request and respect it
– Explain the different medical and or surgical options suited to your case
– Inform you of the terms, benefits, and risks of the process that we have chosen together
– Choose with you the treatment best suited to your case
– Establish a detailed quote, and make sure you have your free and informed consent.
– Ensure the continuous updating of its medical and surgical knowledge, in order to ensure treatment in accordance with modern science
– To offer you, along with the members of his team, experience in safe and satisfactory medicine and plastic and aesthetic surgery in Bordeaux, before during and after the intervention.

Plastic and Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery can increase your sense of well-being and your quality of life, but it is not a guarantee of happiness.

The ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery is someone who believes that part of their appearance can be “corrected” and chooses to have cosmetic and plastic surgery, with realistic expectations, and while being aware modalities, benefits and risks of the intervention.

During the pre-operative reflection time, do not hesitate to ask all the questions necessary for your peace of mind, because an informed patient will be more comfortable with his choice, and probably even more satisfied with the result of his plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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