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Protruding ears in Bordeaux - France

Protruding ears: due to a lack of plication and / or an excess of conchal cartilage.

Otoplasty is to correct protruding ears by remodeling the cartilage to get ears less prominent, and more symmetrical. 

Partial reimbursement of otoplasty fees by health insurance is possible for children and young adults. 

Otoplasty is most often performed under general anesthesia; however, local anesthesia may be preferred by some patients. 

This procedure is outpatient surgery, and it takes less than an hour. Incision is located at the back of the ears.

After 48 hours, the first dressing is removed and then a band should be worn for 15 days, day and night, then 15 days at night.

Complications related to otoplasty are rare: hematoma, infection, and exceptionally an unfavorable evolution of the scars (keloid scars).

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