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Breast lift and reduction

Breast reduction & Breast lift in Bordeaux France

Breast reduction allows reduction of breast volume.

Breast hypertrophy (heavy breasts) often leads to physical and psychological discomfort, with sometimes back pain. There is usually a breast ptosis (sagging breasts).

Beyond 300 gr breast volume removed from each breast, health insurance partially reimburses breast reduction fees.

Purpose of breast reduction is to lift the nipple and areola, and to remove skin, fat and gland excesses, to obtain a harmonious volume and shape, and a nice curve. Chest size will be adapted to your morphology and your wishes.

Breast reduction operation therefore combines a breast reduction with a breast lift.

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia, it lasts about 2 hours, the stay in clinic is usually 24 hours.

Scars of a breast reduction :

Mostly 3 scars, marine anchor pattern: around the areola, vertical, and a horizontal scar in the sub-mammary groove.

scars remain pink 6 to 18 months and gradually fade out.

A medical bra is put immediately at the end of the procedure, then worn night and day during a month postoperative.

It is not necessary to remove the sutures because they are absorbable.

Sick leave is 2 weeks.

Breast definitely acquires its beautiful shape after 6 to 12 months after surgery.

Breast lift or mastopexy: consists of raising the areola and nipple, reshaping the breast to obtain a nice curve, and removing excess skin. Some patients want a breast augmentation during the same procedure, by placing a breast implant or by lipofilling (injection of fat in the breast).

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