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Face Lipofilling

Face Lipofilling Bordeaux - FRANCE


With the ageing process our faces gradually lose volume. 

The fatty tissue of the face melts, the bones become more fragile and the skin is refined and relaxed. Some places such as the temples and cheekbones gradually widen revealing the ring and the temporal fossae, the nasolabial folds are more and more marked, and the lips become thinner and lose their fullness.

Fat transfer in the face softens the contours and has a real lifting and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Fat transfer is also used to increase other body parts (breasts, buttocks…etc).

The fat is removed in fatty areas by micro liposuction in a manner similar to liposuction, it is subsequently purified, then injected in different layers, only the pure fat cells will be grafted without risk of rejection.

In addition to its volumizing effect, fat also contains fatty stem cells, which enhance the skin´s radiance and texture of the grafted area of the face.


Transfer of fat to the face

Duration : 30-90 minutes

Anesthesia : Local or general if coupled with a facelift or other surgery.

Hospitalization : one day surgery

Recovery : 3-7 days

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