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Tummytuck & Bodylift

Tummytuck & bodylift


Abdominal skin and fat excess often alters self confidence. Liposuction during abdominal aesthetic surgery has dramatically improved the outcome of this procedure by reducing scar amount and length.

Abdominal skin and fat ex There are different types of abdominal plasty depending on the patient’s physical condition: skin quality, amount of fat tissue, abdominal muscle tonicity and patient’s overall morphology, and patient’s wishes and expectations . Your cosmetic surgeon in Bordeaux Dr Raphaël MESSAS will decide the best technique to use in each individual case.

When there are significant skin lesions (lack of tonus, stretch marks scars) and or abdominal muscle damage (laxity, hernia, widening of the midline) isolated liposuction will be insuficient and abdominoplasty is necessary.


abdominoplasty is a relatively serious plastic surgery operation, but it has undergone many technical improvements over the last few years: Improvements in anaesthesia and surgical technics such a «high upper abdominal tension» and «Surgical quilting» which maintains the skin in place helping to avoid the risk of fluid collection under skin. Improvements in sutures and suturing techniques Improvements in dressing and in post operative compressive garments.


The standard abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) removes a large amount of redundant tissue (skin and fat) from the middle and lower abdominal wall, between the belly button (umbilicus) and the pubic region.

The healthy skin from the upper middle part of the abdomen is then repositioned downwards in order to replace the removed impaired skin.

The belly button is preserved and put in its normal position through a hole cut and contoured in the newly draped skin.

This procedure leaves a scar. Its length and position may vary with the amount and location of skin to be removed. It usually extends from above the pubic hair to outwards to the folds in the groin region. Its length is determined during preoperative planning and the patient should be fully aware of it as the scar remains an inevitability that has to be accepted.

Compressive garment should be worn for 4 weeks.
Stay in clinic : 1 to 3 days
Anesthesia : General anesthesia.

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